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Top Jewelry Trends for 2011

Nothing makes a woman more happy and blissful than the thought of acquiring a new piece of jewelry. As accessories goes, a trendy piece of jewelry can immediately make any drab and boring outfit into an eye catching and chic one. No other accessory be it high heels, belts, bag or scarves can transform the look of an outfit as much as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Knowing the latest fashion trends in jewelry is very important, if you want a piece that is fashionable right now. Fashion jewelry trends 2011 forecasts that jewelry will be bigger and bolder. If you really think about it, the right jewelry is like a piece of expensive art. It has the ability to make you look sleek and sophisticated. Here we are going to discuss the hot jewelry trends 2011.

Jewelry Trends for 2011

This season "less is not more", but "more is more". Give your delicate filigree chains and pendants a rest and bring out all the bling. Given below are some of the key fashion jewelry trends 2011.

Statement Necklace
Statement jewelry is very trendy this year and the best way to wear this is to pair it with neutral and solid colored clothing. Statement necklaces just got bigger and bolder this season with huge stones and funky designs. A mix of metals like bronze, silver and gold will be the highlight this season. Choose a statement necklace or bib necklace whose design is inspired by African tribes to make the maximum impact. Unlike last season which saw only precious stones like rubies and emeralds in statement necklaces, this time fashion jewelry trends 2011 focuses on more colored and semi precious stones ranging from amethyst, coral, garnet and tourmaline. Wear a statement necklace that just sits on your collar bone as anything longer than that is so last season. A bib necklace with a mix of stones is just right for this season and many design houses like TopShop and Max and Chloe have a very good collection.

 Betsey Johnson 'In the Navy' Torsade Necklace

Alexis Bittar Coral & Pearl Necklace 

Stacked Bangles and Cuffs
Spring jewelry trends 2011 predicts that bangles and cuffs will be very popular. But just don't wear a single bangle or cuff. You need to stack them up for a chic and casual look. The best thing about wearing stacked bangles is that you can pair them with anything from sundresses to skinny jeans. This look was seen on many celebrities from Drew Barrymore to Sarah Jessica Parker. Create your own unique look by stacking different colored bangles in a mix of metals. Chunkier cuffs are also very popular this season and you can choose cuffs that comes in semi precious stones, leather and even plastic. Handcrafted cuffs with unusual texture in dull gold and rose finish can instantly make you look sophisticated and chic. The thing to remember while trying out this trend is to wear at least 12-15 bangles. They should also be of different colors and designs to give it a more eclectic look.

 Leather Stackers Bangles Cuffs, Set

Multicolor Mookite Sterling Silver Coil Bracelet
Layered Chains
The best way to jazz up a simple outfit is to wear layered chains. It is one of the biggest jewelry trends this season which is quite hard to miss. Individual chains can also be piled on to create the look of layered chains. This will give you more flexibility in terms of the look you want to create. When you choose a layered chain, try to find a piece that has a variety of design elements and textures. Silver chains with pearls and crystal beads are great buys for this season. Layered chains with feathers, ribbons, tassels and pearls are also popular this season. For a casual lunch with friends, you can jazz up your simple white T-shirt by wearing a unique mixed media multi layered chain necklace. If you find a piece that has glass, Swarovski crystals, feathers and lace, then you should definitely grab it.

 Layers of chains, shiny pearls, coin pendants, and sparkling rhinestone chains

Chandelier Earrings
Women who like dangly earrings should rejoice as jewelry trends 2011 forecasts the return of chandelier earrings. After being banished from the fashion scene last year, chandelier earrings have made a comeback this year. Earrings this season are long, almost shoulder grazers. They are more streamlined and the use of semi precious stones, glass beads and uncut diamonds will be popular. Look out for pieces that comes in deep hues and bright colors like plum, orange, aubergine, cobalt blue and green. These spring colors work well for the evening and you can pair chandelier earrings with floor sweeping gowns as well as a cocktail dress. Large hoop earrings with pave diamonds, metal carvings and feathers will also be popular jewelry trends spring summer 2011.

18k White Gold Rose Cut Brown Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Cocktail Rings
One jewelry trend that has lasted through many seasons is the cocktail ring. A cocktail ring is a must have in any fashionistas wardrobe and this year the focus is on animal and flower motifs. Cocktail rings that comes with multi colored stones and funky and unique designs are the new rage. Butterfly motifs and clover motifs are very popular styles. You can also experiment with different colored stones like peridot, coral and aquamarine instead of sticking to sapphires and emeralds. Chunky cocktail rings that are big enough to graze your knuckles are what we are talking about. Metals like gold and silver are popular, but you can also try bronze and copper as a cheaper option.

 Cool Cocktail Rings

This was all about the jewelry trends 2011. Knowing these hot jewelry trends 2011, will help you to purchase jewelry pieces that are trendy and in season. One of the most important things that you should remember is to wear only one trend at a time. Do not wear stacked bangles with a statement necklace. Only one single piece of jewelry is sufficient to make you look fashionable.

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